About – Edinburgh Personal Trainer Mike Heatlie MSc CSCS

As one of the world’s leading Personal Trainers, Edinburgh Personal Trainer Mike Heatlie has outstanding credentials. Having worked in the fitness industry since 1989 and a personal trainer since 1995, Mike Heatlie has accumulated qualifications that few can boast. He currently holds four degrees including three Masters degrees in Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, Public Health Nutrition, as well as a Bachelors degree with the highest Honours in Sport and Exercise Science, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Anatomy.

Mike Heatlie MSc CSCS is a best known for the incredible results he has been able to produce with his Personal Training clients including transforming the US singer Gwen Stefani into the greatest celebrity post-baby figure in Hollywood! Mike Heatlie has also produced countless other success stories with his Personal Training clients. If you wish to dramatically transform your physique then Edinburgh Personal Trainer Mike Heatlie MSc CSCS is the one Personal Trainer in Edinburgh you should contact!

In 2007 Mike Heatlie release his epic weight-loss ebook, “Lose 10 Pounds, 10 Years, in 5 Weeks!” which has been sold in over twenty countries worldwide and is a no-nonsense, 12-Step guide to any weight-loss you wish to achieve. In February 2012 he released an updated second edition.

Mike Heatlie is the owner and director of the highly successful Mike Heatlie Personal Training Studio at Meadowbank, Edinburgh, where over one hundred Personal Training clients are enjoying the benefits of training with a Mike Heatlie Personal Trainer.

Transform your figure with Mike Heatlie MSc CSCS, email today at mike@mikeheatliepersonaltraining.com

Of all the people who deserve credit for making No Doubt's return tour such a giddy success, singer Gwen Stefani's trainer merits extra kudos. When Stefani took the Gibson Amphitheatre stage Wednesday night in a brash outfit that seemed equal parts chola swagger and Hamptons riding crop, women in the audience gasped at the impeccable tone of her abdominal muscles.  LA Times, 2009.