The Top 8 Fitness Myths Exposed!

Myths of the fitness industry can act as priceless moments of humour to the personal trainer but they can also produce consistent banes of frustration as well regularly witness exercisers practicing ineffective or useless protocols on the basis of a mythical rumour. Many fitness myths come and go, however some seem as if they're here to stay. Only through dependable promotion from trainers and the fitness industry will we hopefully see these ridiculous myths finally put to bed.

Fasted Cardio For Weight Loss - Is it Worth It?

Ever thought about getting up first thing in the morning and doing some cardio training before breakfast? Many individuals perform this ritual in order to burn more body fat and attain that wonderful, lean physique! The theory behind cardio training before breakfast is that as you don't eat anything at all for perhaps 10-12 hours prior to exercise, your body will be in somewhat of a fasted state.

Weight Loss Supplements - Lose Your Money, Not Your Weight!

Supplements marketed for losing weight are a multi-billion dollar industry with so many people (mainly women) seeking the "get rich quick" solution to their weight loss desires. Unfortunately for most they are simply wasting their hard-earned money as the supplements do not do as they say on the tin.