Edinburgh Personal Trainer Mike Heatlie

If you wish to transform your body, gain a high standard of physical conditioning and health, then there is no one more capable of helping you achieve your goals than Edinburgh Personal Trainer Mike Heatlie MSc CSCS.

Mike Heatlie MSc CSCS is presently conducting Personal Training sessions in Edinburgh at his exclusive and private Personal Training Studio where his Personal Trainers also work with clients in Edinburgh delivering wonderful results on a daily basis.

All Personal Training with Mike Heatlie MSc CSCS includes a free copy of his epic weight-loss ebook, “Lose 10 Pounds, 10 Years, in 5 Weeks!”


Hire Mike Heatlie MSc CSCS as your Personal Trainer today and reach your goals faster than you ever thought imaginable!

Contact Mike Heatlie today: mike@mikeheatliepersonaltraining.com